Discover Strong Construction Maspalomas: Gay Cruising in a Bar

Strong Construction Maspalomas is more than just a bar, it’s a must-visit for those seeking fun and excitement in the bustling nightlife of Gran Canaria. This place stands out as one of the most prominent bars in the Maspalomas nightlife scene.

Where is Strong Construction?

Strong Construction is located in the heart of Maspalomas, on Avenida de los Estados Unidos, within the famous Yumbo Centre. This shopping center is known for being the epicenter of gay nightlife in Gran Canaria, hosting more than 30 bars and clubs.

Description of Strong Construction

Strong Construction is a bar that stands out for its friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff. The place is literally a strong construction, with a decor that evokes an industrial ambiance. It has a wide bar where all kinds of drinks are served, from classic cocktails to the bar’s own creations.

Upon entering, you’ll be given a wristband in case you want to leave and come back. To the right, you’ll find the entrance, with lockers to leave your things, change, or simply take off your clothes. Here’s the first tip: bring a euro to be able to open the locker.

You can now order your drink and stay at one of the tables for a while. Or if you prefer, get into the action. You’ll immediately have access to a labyrinth of dark rooms and cabins where you can lose yourself with whoever you want. Inside, there’s another bar where you can continue ordering. Fun is guaranteed.

What to Expect?

When visiting Strong Construction, you can expect a night full of fun and music. The place is known for its music that contributes to creating an atmosphere of certain mystery. In addition, the bar offers different play areas and private cabins for those looking for a more intimate experience.

What Will You Find?

At Strong Construction, you’ll find a wide variety of drinks to suit all tastes. You can also get protection if you don’t bring your own. In addition, the place has lockers to safely store your belongings while you enjoy the night.

How Should You Dress at Strong Construction?

There’s a bit of everything. From those who dress up to those who decide to take off all their clothes. But underwear, jockstraps, and fetish wear predominate.


To make the most of your visit to Strong Construction, we recommend arriving early, especially during peak hours. The place can get quite busy, so arriving early ensures you a good spot. Don’t forget to bring your ID, as the bar has a strict entry policy.


Strong Construction Maspalomas is more than a bar, it’s a destination for fun in the vibrant nightlife scene of Maspalomas. It’s a place you can’t miss on your visit to Gran Canaria.

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