The 10 Best Gay Bars and Clubs in Torremolinos: Party in La Nogalera

Torremolinos, a vibrant destination on the Costa del Sol, is renowned for its lively gay scene. In particular, Torremolinos’ gay bars and clubs are famous for their welcoming atmosphere, vibrant music, and unforgettable parties. Here we present the 10 best gay bars and clubs in Torremolinos. You won’t miss out: most of the bars are in La Nogalera. We recommend that you keep an eye on the parties these venues periodically offer.

Eden Copas

Located in La Nogalera, Eden Copas is one of the most popular places in Torremolinos’ gay scene. With its lively atmosphere and wide variety of drinks, it’s the perfect place to start or end the night. Additionally, Eden Copas offers drag shows that are a real treat.

Eden Beach

If you prefer to enjoy the sun and sea during the day, Eden Beach on El Bajondillo beach is the perfect place. Here you can enjoy the sea breeze while relaxing in a gay-friendly environment. Enjoy music, DJ sessions, and good cuisine in an adults-only open space.

Aqua Bar

Situated in La Nogalera square, Aqua Bar is a meeting place for Torremolinos’ gay community. With its lively atmosphere and excellent selection of drinks, it features DJs, themed parties, and various environments. Want pop? You got it. Need something stronger? There’s also a cruising area.

Pourquoi Pas?

Pourquoi Pas? is an iconic bar in Torremolinos, opened in 1968 during Franco’s regime. It has been serving the gay community for decades. With its welcoming atmosphere, shows, and excellent service, it’s a place you can’t miss.

Ego Copas

Ego Copas is home to drag actress Cherilyn Divine. Enjoy the neon lights and check their social media for events and themed parties offered by this venue full of young and fun people.

Men’s Bar

Men’s Bar is a meeting place for middle-aged men. With its relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to socialize and meet new people. Especially if you’re looking for some cruising or fetish. This is your place.

La Nuit

La Nuit is a bar and gastrobar that seeks to recover the glamour of 1960s Torremolinos. With its elegant atmosphere and excellent menu, it’s a place you can’t miss. It also has themed nights. So you don’t go out drinking on an empty stomach.

3 Monkeys

3 Monkeys offers cocktails and meals throughout the day. With its fun atmosphere and excellent menu, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing meal or a night of fun.


Centuryon is the place for the best electronic music parties in Torremolinos. With its liberal and fun atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to dance all night or to top it off. If you’re looking for a nightclub, this is the place.

Colibrí Copas

Colibrí Copas has been a popular starting point for nights out. With its lively atmosphere and affordable drinks, it’s the perfect place to start the night. Check their social media for DJs and events.


Torremolinos is a true paradise for the gay community, with a wide variety of bars and clubs to suit all tastes. Whether you prefer a relaxed atmosphere on the beach, a cozy bar, or a vibrant nightclub, Torremolinos has something for you.

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