Gay Guide to Amsterdam: hotels, bars, clubs and saunas

Amsterdam, adorned with winding canals and steeped in history, has long stood as a beacon of freedom and acceptance. This city, home to Europe’s first gay bar, remains a top destination for the LGBTQ+ community. If you’re eager to dive into Europe’s vibrant gay culture, this Gay Guide to Amsterdam is your ideal starting point.

Must-Visit Attractions

Amsterdam is renowned for its canals. A boat ride offers a unique city perspective, passing historic landmarks and houseboats. The Anne Frank House, a poignant testament to Holocaust history, is a must-visit. Moreover, the city center boasts numerous attractions reflecting Amsterdam’s rich history and culture.

Amsterdam as an LGBTQ+ Destination

The city has been a trailblazer in LGBTQ+ rights, fostering an environment where everyone is welcome. With events like Amsterdam’s Gay Pride, the city transforms into a color-filled celebration of diversity and freedom. The Pride event takes place in early August, featuring a stunning canal parade with boats acting as floats.


Hotel Amistad

A charming gay-friendly hotel nestled in the city’s heart, offering single and double rooms. Located at Kerkstraat 42, 1017 GM Amsterdam. Website

Hotel CC

Known for its cozy ambiance, it’s situated in several of the city’s picturesque buildings. Not only is it authentic, but its location near the railway station is also incredibly convenient. Located at Warmoesstraat 42, 1012 JE Amsterdam. Website

Hotel JL No76

A refuge close to major attractions. It’s steps away from Club Church, making nightlife literally at your doorstep. Located at Jan Luijkenstraat 76, Amsterdam. Website

Bars and Nightclubs

Club NYX

An iconic club in the LGBTQ district, often hosting themed parties. Check their website before visiting. Located at Reguliersdwarsstraat 42, 1017 BM Amsterdam. Website


Offers deals throughout the week. The venue has a terrace and serves food and drinks, all in a relaxed and festive atmosphere in the city’s trendy area. Located at Reguliersdwarsstraat 45, 1017 BK Amsterdam. Website

Café ‘t Mandje

A historic spot you can’t miss. Established in 1927, it’s not only considered the oldest LGBTQ+ bar in the Netherlands but also globally. Dive into its fascinating history on their website. Located at Zeedijk 63, 1012 AS Amsterdam. Website


Renowned for its delightful snacks and special events. Located at Spuistraat 109, 1012 SV Amsterdam. Website

Cruising Spots

Club Church

A leading cruising club in the city. If you’re into this scene, it’s arguably one of Europe’s cruising cathedrals. Located at Kerkstraat 52, 1017 GM Amsterdam. Website

The Web

A bar featuring a dark room on the second floor. Their motto: “A home for fetishists.” Located at Sint Jacobsstraat 6, 1012 NC Amsterdam. Website


Sauna Nieuwezijds

A modern sauna with top-notch facilities. Currently, it’s the only gay sauna in Amsterdam. Check their website for massage services and daily themed parties. Located at Nieuwezijds Armsteeg 95, 1012 NB Amsterdam. Website


  • What’s Amsterdam’s gay district? The primary gay district is Reguliersdwarsstraat, but areas in Kerkstraat and Warmoesstraat are also notable.
  • When is Gay Pride in Amsterdam? It’s celebrated annually in August, marking one of Europe’s grandest events.


Amsterdam is more than just canals and landscapes; it’s a haven for the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you’re seeking history, a party, or relaxation, Amsterdam offers something for every visitor.

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