Bearbie Madrid: The Ultimate Pop Party for Bears and Their Admirers

Dive into the heart of Madrid’s vibrant nightlife with Bearbie, the ultimate pop party in Chueca. Embracing the bear community and all enthusiasts, it’s a night of music, fun, and inclusivity.

EuroPride 2023 in Malta: Dates, Schedule, and Parade in Valletta

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What does FLINTA mean? A Glimpse into Inclusion

FLINTA* is an acronym representing various groups related to gender identity. The letters stand for: F for Frauen (women), L for Lesben (lesbians), I for intersex, N for non-binary, T for transgender, and A for agender. The asterisk (*) at the end serves as a wildcard, including those who don’t fit into the specific categories but are marginalized in our patriarchal society. This term aims to promote the inclusion and recognition of these identities in society.

Gay Guide to Amsterdam: hotels, bars, clubs and saunas

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