Bearbie Madrid: The Ultimate Pop Party for Bears and Their Admirers

Madrid is home to the renowned Bearbie party. Gaining traction over the past few years, this event is a must-attend for bears, admirers, and anyone looking to have a great time in a friendly atmosphere. If you’re on the hunt for a unique nightlife experience, keep reading to uncover everything about Madrid’s Bearbie party.

Image: Bearbie’s official website

Where is it held?

The Bearbie party takes place in the heart of Chueca, one of Madrid’s most popular and gay-friendly neighborhoods. Specifically, it’s held at Ya’sta Club every Saturday and on the eves of public holidays. Located on Valverde Street, the venue exudes an underground vibe, making it the perfect setting for a party that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Before heading over, check out their website as Ya’sta hosts other events (which are worth a look too).

What are the timings?

Check their Facebook page for specifics as the venue hosts various events. However, the party typically kicks off at 11:50 PM and goes on until the early hours of Sunday morning. It’s advisable to arrive early, post a few drinks, to fully immerse in the music and ambiance.

Who attends?

Bearbie is an inclusive party. While it’s a hit among the bear community, everyone is welcome. From young adults to the older crowd, Madrid’s Bearbie party is a space where everyone can be themselves and enjoy a spectacular night.

What to expect?

Anticipate a night brimming with music, ranging from pop to house, and an atmosphere that blends the best of bear culture with Madrid’s vibrant scene. Special events and live performances are also common, adding a unique twist to the evening.

Dress code?

At the Bearbie party, you’re encouraged to be yourself. While there’s no strict dress code, comfort is key. As the night progresses, some might even ditch their shirts. Just remember to wear your dancing shoes and gear up for an unforgettable night.

Where to get tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the door or on the club’s website:

Tips for attending Bearbie

  • Arrive early to avoid long queues.
  • Go solo or with friends… You’re bound to meet new people at Bearbie!
  • Stay hydrated and always drink responsibly.
  • Relish the music, ambiance, and company. It’s a night to remember!

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